La 23 Conferencia Internacional de Comunidades Seguras

The 23rd International Safe Communities Conference Safe Communities are an Essential Need for a Modern-Day Society Novi Sad, Serbia 10-12th, October, 2017 Injuries and violence are a major burden on public health worldwide. Experts in injury prevention and safety promotion recognize the need for action and practice and consistently applying to policies and programs in the field. The main theme for the 23rd International Safe Communities Conference, Safe Communities are an Essential Need for a Modern-Day Society, seeks to find new ideas and experiences to solve this actual problem and to make safer world.

The 23rd International Safe Communities Conference is biennial, international conference on injury prevention and safety promotion. The conference will bring together the world’s leading safe communities experts, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and advocates in the field of safe community, injury prevention and safety to debate, discuss and share information and experiences.

The 23rd International Safe Communities Conference is proudly hosted by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion from Video Sad and several partners and colleagues from Serbia, European and the International Safe Community Network. The previous conference was held in Nan, Thailand in 2015.

• Philosophical, cultural and historical aspects of safety
• Injuries: The analysis and the evaluation of the actual situation and strategies of prevention
• Social dangers of the modern world: causes and approaches to prevention
• Urban safety (streets, roads, public places, workplaces, houses) • Informational safety
• Prevention of terrorism
• Prevention of human trafficking
• Prevention of violence
• Family safety
• Safe kids, teenagers, young people
• Safe adults
• Safe elderly people
• Safe handicapped persons
• Psychological safety
- Psychological dangers in the modern world and the strategies of prevention.
• Safe sport
• Safe traffic
• Safe Hospital
• Safe water and food supply
• Ecological safety: Prevention of emergency situation and disasters
• Fire prevention
• Other

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